TESG’s Mike Rogers Presents On The United States Of Crypto Panel

Mike Rogers, CPA, an Associate within The Execu|Search Group’s Accounting and Finance division, recently presented on a panel about the current state of cryptocurrency. At the event, approximately 250 professionals from over 180 companies came together to learn about potential opportunities in an emerging industry.

The first portion of the event was led by Tradebits’ CEO and Co-founder, Waseem Sadiq. Waseem discussed his company’s cryptocurrency exchange and their plan to eventually obtain the next 100 million cryptocurrency users. His presentation was followed by a panel discussion, led by Mike and two additional cryptocurrency analysts, that focused on the current challenges the Digital Asset Market will face as they try to reach this milestone of 100 million users.

“This was an incredible learning experience for everyone in attendance,” says Mike. “The cryptocurrency and blockchain industries are still in the early stages of development. A wide variety of professionals and enthusiasts are attracted to these events.  The diversity of the attendees at the event enriched the evening and contributed to an exciting forum of debate and learning.”