4 Ways To Turn Your Temporary Gig Into Full Time Work

You’ve finally settled into a job you love! Your colleagues are great, the work is impactful, and the culture is the right fit. The only issue? You accepted this job on a temporary basis and your assignment is quickly coming to an end.

If you have not yet been approached about a full-time position, don’t feel discouraged! Beyond producing quality work, there are additional steps you can take to prove you’d be a great long-term asset to the team.

Here are four ways to make the leap from temp to full time work:

Go above and beyond

If you want to make the transition from temp to full time work, you first need to show the company why they should make the investment. Rather than blending in and only doing the work that is required of you, take more initiative when it comes to your role. By coming in early, leaving late, and offering to help with additional tasks, you can help the company understand why you are indispensable.

Be a team player

Making the effort to build relationships with team members, colleagues, and company leaders is a great way to show that you are a fit for the company culture—something that can help you make leap from temp to full time work. Since culture fit is a factor that many employers are prioritizing when hiring, showing that you care about the people and like the work environment can help you gain advocates across the company.

Ask for feedback

A temporary opportunity is a great way to build your skills and diversify your experience, so take advantage of it! Asking your supervisor for feedback on your performance as well as what you can do to improve helps show that you care not only the quality of your work, but about career and skills development.

Express your desire for a full time role

While it may seem simple, be sure to tell your supervisor that you would like the opportunity to transition from temp to full time work. When having this conversation, emphasize how much you enjoy the work, the company, and your colleagues. You should also ask what steps you have to take to get hired. Employers want to hire people who believe in the business and what they’re doing, so this is your opportunity to demonstrate your passion for the company and show that you are serious about making a long-term impact.