Tech Consultants: The Industries Where Your Skills Are In Highest Demand

As technology continues to transform the way we communicate, it’s hard to deny that every company is a digital one. The best businesses recognize this and have begun making a greater investment in their internal processes by bringing in specialized consultants to keep up. Since tech upgrades and transitions are often project-based, those who decide to focus on this type of consulting work have the unique opportunity to keep their skills sharp and gain experience with a wide range of industries.

“To ensure their organization can compete in this ever-evolving digital landscape, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) know they have to move quickly,” explains Erica St. Pierre, Managing Director of The Execu|Search Group’s Information Technology division. “That’s why they are turning to highly skilled consultants who can hit the ground running and see the project through to completion. Since these hiring needs aren’t limited to one industry, consultants can take advantage of this faster turnover on assignments to diversify their experience with different companies, while honing their skills.”

If you are interested in pursuing these opportunities, here are the 5 industries where tech consultants are in highest demand:

Retail/e-commerce: In recent years, there is little doubt that online technology has transformed the consumer shopping experience. To create a better user experience for their customers, retailers have begun to invest in the most advanced technology and need skilled professionals to help implement it. To have the best commerce capabilities, these companies are turning to mobile developers, UX and UI designers, and professionals experienced with cloud-based point of sales and mobile inventory technology.

Healthcare: In its effort to reduce costs while improving the quality of healthcare, the Affordable Care Act places a lot of emphasis on technology. To align clinical care with these tools, hospitals and health systems across the nation are turning to highly skilled tech professionals of various specialties to complete a variety of projects including, but not limited to: implementing electronic medical record (EMR) systems, installing patient flow and medical billing/coding software, updating infrastructure, and securing patient data.

Investment Banking: As compliance efforts continue to evolve, investment banks need to ensure their processes are aligned with these regulations. Since protecting their data as well as their clients’ information is a major part of this, they regularly turn to consultants to make sure their technology is secure and meets the latest requirements.

Nonprofits: With donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations reaching a record breaking $358.4 billion in 2015, nonprofits have found themselves busier than ever. To increase their efficiencies, many of these organizations have begun to update their databases, overhaul their infrastructure, and streamline their applications.

Energy + Utility: Many of these large, Fortune 500 companies have recognized the need for up-to-date technology not only to attract the best talent, but to run business more effectively. In a world that seems dominated by start-ups, it can be easy to overlook some of these more established organizations. However, a lot of these companies have migrations, upgrades, and new products on the horizon – and have created a lot of positions to help them accomplish these goals.