How To Make The Career Switch From Manual To Automated Testing

Industry Insight
With more and more companies transitioning to automated testing, it may be time for you to make this career change. Here's how to make the switch!

4 Cybersecurity Certifications On The Rise In 2019

Information Technology
With cybercrime on the rise, the demand for security professionals is at an all time high. Earn these cybersecurity certifications to advance your career!

4 Ways To Deal With Uncertainty At Tech Companies

Information Technology
Feeling uncertain about your future with your company can be very stressful. Here are 4 ways to prepare yourself for any situation from The Execu|Search Group.

Tech Professionals: 4 Fall Hiring Trends To Look Out For

Information Technology
Although the weather seems to be cooling off, the search for tech talent is heating up! This is especially true if you are pursuing a new opportunity in one of the following areas!

Exploring The Demand For Computer Savvy Nursing Professionals

To increase your marketability as a nursing professional, here are a couple of technical proficiencies that The Execu|Search Group advises you to start with...

Tech Consultants: The Industries Where Your Skills Are In Highest Demand

Hiring Trends
In today’s ever-evolving technological world, your ability to keep your skills up-to-date is integral to long term career success. Diversifying your experience in the following industries can help you do just that…

IT Job Search Going Slow? Consider Temporary Assignments

Information Technology
IT professionals are faced with a different job market this year: one in which project-based assignments are making up the bulk of available opportunities

Upcoming Event: Spotlight on Innovation + Inspiration + Process

Creative & Digital
The Execu|Search Group is hosting a free Spotlight on Innovation + Inspiration + Process event on Wednesday, January 27th!

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LinkedIn Job Postings Are Changing—Here’s How

Career + Job Search
job seekers have become more tech-savvy with their searches and now continually turn to the likes of social media for connections and opportunities.

IT Professionals: Should You Only Be Targeting Startups?

Information Technology
General Electric aired a humorous new commercial that shows how the 139 year-old, multinational conglomerate corporation is keeping up with the times.

Is Liberal Arts The New In-Demand Degree in Tech?

Hiring Trends
According to a recent study by LinkedIn, a liberal arts degree is “tech’s hottest ticket.” The Execu|Search Group explores this hiring trend...

3 Subtle Social Networking Mistakes to Avoid

Career + Job Search
Building your online presence? Don't let these subtle social media mistakes cost you the job!

The IT Job Search: Choosing Between Small and Large Firms

Hiring Trends
There’s more to your job search than scouring the job boards. Have you decided whether you’d fit better in a small or large firm? Execu|Search explains more...

IT Professionals: It’s Time to Improve Your Soft Skills

Information Technology
In addition to technical skills required of an IT professional, there is a certain set of skills that every professional in the field needs: soft skills

The Execu|Search Group’s Nonprofit Division Hosts Lunch & Learn

Execu|Search News
On April 22nd, TESG's Nonprofit division hosted a lunch & learn on smart ways for nonprofits to attract and engage millennials through social media...

Don’t Be Discouraged By Your Next Technical Aptitude Test

Creative & Digital
In order to ensure they are hiring for the right balance of personality and technical talent, employers are implementing technical aptitude tests as part of the onboarding process. Here’s why and how you should prepare…

Java Developers: How (and Why) To Make The Move To Android Development

Creative & Digital
The Execu|Search Group explains how (and why) Java Developers can make the transition to Android Development, here...

Rising Demand for IT Audit Professionals

Hiring Trends
As cyber hacking attacks continue to threaten the privacy of large companies and their customers, it’s not surprising that employers are investing in IT security professionals. Become the IT Auditor that every company is looking for by…

Social Media Blunders that can Cost You the Job

Hiring Trends
With an increasing number of employers using social media as a background check tool, here are 3 places from Execu|Search to start cleaning up your profiles!

How to Be a Systems-Savvy Specialist in Accounting

If you want to transition to a new industry, it’s important to highlight your experience with various accounting systems. Here's The Execu|Search Group's list of the software skills and experience that are in highest demand across key industries:

The Digital Economy: 3 IT Specialties in Highest Demand

Creative & Digital
In order to remain competitive in this digital age, employers are actively seeking IT professionals within these 3 areas of infrastructure support….

Information and Networks at Risk: 3 Security Certifications on the Rise

Industry Insight
In an effort to protect themselves from security breaches, companies are investing in security-savvy IT professionals with these 3 certifications…

Rising Demand for Computer Savvy Nursing Professionals

The healthcare industry is becoming increasingly digitalized through electronic medical records (EMR) and telehealth initiatives.

Emerging IT Opportunities in the Healthcare Industry

As the HITECH Act and the ACA continue to transform the healthcare industry, the number of opportunities for IT professionals is expected to grow as well

How to be the IT Professional Everyone Wants to Hire

Industry Insight
While technical proficiency is important to any employer, these are the skills that will get you hired...

Picture Perfect Video Interview Tips

Resume & Interview Tips
As the interviewing process has evolved, many organizations have decided to use video technology to conduct interviews. Here's how you can prepare...

Is Cloud Security IT’s “Next Big Thing?”

Hiring Trends
If you’re looking to break into the thriving security market, you should make sure you have the following skills in your proverbial toolbox, as they’re likely to show up on many of the job listings you come across...

Is Your Resume Mobile-Friendly?

Hiring Trends
As the hiring and job seeking process continues to become more mobile, it might be time for jobseekers to create a mobile-friendly resume that makes it simple for hiring managers to easily view their background and experience in a smaller amount of space.

Is Your Company Equipped To Expedite EMR Implementation and Maximize Workflow?

Adapting to an Electronic Medical Records system can be just as difficult as the implementation. Find out if your company is equipped to make the transition.

Massachusetts Communities Aim to Attract and Retain Top Tech Talent

Hiring Trends
To ensure MA becomes a leading center of technology, the State has developed 3 institutes that that will give the tech community new opportunities to develop and advance their careers.

4 Ways Technology is Changing the Job Search

Hiring Trends
The latest changes in technology have changed the way individuals search, prepare and interview for new jobs. Find out how technology is changing the job search.

Establishing NY as a Tech Leader: “Made in New York” Creates Jobs, Top Colleges Train Future Leaders

Hiring Trends
New York’s burgeoning tech economy is getting a major boost as prominent New York Colleges have begun to develop and gather investors for new academic

IT Certifications with Top Earning Potential in 2013

Hiring Trends
There has been an increase in demand for IT certifications like Project Management Professional (PMP), and Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

How to Make Yourself More Valuable in Today’s Business Environment

HR & Office Support
One well-organized and multitalented administrative assistant can surge productivity and diminish expenses across the board.

IT Five Year Forecast: Top Jobs, and Trends Driving Change in Business

Hiring Trends
Business trends once dictated changes in technology, but we’re starting to see a shift: technology trends are now driving drastic changes in business.
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