The 5 Salary Negotiation Mistakes You’re Making

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A salary negotiation can be nerve racking, but if you know how to prepare, it doesn't have to be! Just make sure you aren't making these 5 mistakes.

4 Ways New Pay Equity Laws Are Changing Salary Negotiations

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Various local laws are having wide-spread effects on the ways companies approach questions about salaries. Here are 4 ways to approach salary negotiations.

NYC Pay Equity Act: 4 Ways To Approach Negotiations For Your Accounting Salary

Salary negotiations have changed drastically in New York City. Here are 4 ways to set your accounting salary expectations with prospective employers.

How To Set Salary Expectations In Light Of New Equal Pay Laws

Industry Insight
With New York City's New Equal Pay Laws set to go into effect next week, you may be thinking about how the future of salary negotiations will evolve.

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