Private Investing Career Paths: A Guide For Success

Financial Services
Private Investing is set to grow exponentially in 2022, so now is the right time to enter this lucrative field! Read more about which area is right for you.

Financial Services Professionals Need To Build Their Network—But How?

Financial Services
For entry-level finance professionals, building a strong financial services network can help you grow, both personally and professionally.

3 Major Trends Impacting Financial Services

Financial Services
With companies look to get back on track in 2021, there are several financial services trends that professionals need to be up-to date on. Read more.

The Great Debate: The Finance Summer Job Search

Financial Services
There’s a common misconception amongst finance professionals that the summer is a bad time to look for a job, However in this market, that is simply untrue.

Banking Compliance: Trends + Insights For A New Era

Financial Services
A new presidential administration is opening the door to a new era of banking compliance. Here are 3 trends we’re seeing as we look to the year ahead.

4 Ways To Make Your Financial Services Resume Stand Out

Financial Services
Looking for a new financial services job? Be sure to highlight these 4 areas on your resume so you make a good impression!

Are You Prepared For The Future Of Finance? An Expert’s Outlook On The Industry

Financial Services
What does the future of finance look like and how can you prepare? An expert gives us his 3 predictions for the next decade.

Want A Quick Career Trajectory? Try Working In CLOs (Collateralized Loan Obligations)

Financial Services
Looking for a quick career trajectory? For junior finance professionals, there are excellent CLO (Collateralized Loan Obligation) opportunities.

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4 Secrets To Working With Finance + Accounting Recruiters

Having relationships with finance and accounting recruiters can make all the difference in your career! Here's how to get the most out of this partnership.

The June CFA Exam: Final Study Tips For Success

Financial Services
If you are planning on taking the CFA exam this June, you’re in the home stretch! As you prepare over the next month, consider these final study tips.

TESG’s Adam Harwood Named A Rising Star Of Wall Street Headhunting By Business Insider

Execu|Search News
We're proud of Adam Harwood, Senior Managing Director of Financial Services, for making Business Insider's list of Rising Stars of Wall Street Headhunting!

Why Every Finance Professional Needs A Good LinkedIn Profile

Financial Services
If you’re in the market for a new position in finance, a good LinkedIn profile can make all the difference. Here are 4 ways to take yours to the next level!

4 Financial Services Interview Questions To Ask (And Avoid) When Job Searching

Financial Services
Looking to make a strong impression on your next financial services interview? Here are 4 questions you should and should not ask...

Hot Hiring: Hedge Funds Are Competing For Top Talent

Financial Services
Macro hedge funds are seeing nice returns due to increased interest rates and market volatility, and they're responding by ramping up their hiring

The Execu|Search Group Presents At Pace University Law School

Execu|Search News
Melanie Marshak, a Managing Director within The Execu|Search Group’s Financial Services division, was a guest speaker at Pace University Law School.

3 Ways To Approach Quantitative Analysis Interviews

Financial Services
Quantitative analysis is a rewarding career. Here are three things you should be prepared to address in all your quantitative analysis interviews...

Finance Professionals: Don’t Overlook The Value Of Great Professional References!

Financial Services
While you may be preparing for interviews and revamping your resume, there is one key area you won’t want to overlook; your professional references.

3 Reasons To Prioritize Your Job Search Over Your Year-End Bonus

Financial Services
Delaying your job search in order to collect your year-end bonus is a mistake that can cost you. Here are 3 reasons to get a head start in 2017...

How To Set Salary Expectations In Light Of New Equal Pay Laws

Industry Insight
With New York City's New Equal Pay Laws set to go into effect next week, you may be thinking about how the future of salary negotiations will evolve.

Want To Be Competitive In Financial Services? Get A STEM Degree

Financial Services
For financial services professionals looking to remain competitive, getting a STEM degree can change your career entirely

4 Ways To Prepare For The Fall Hiring Surge In Financial Services

Financial Services
Now is the time to start setting goals and getting organized for the post-Labor Day hiring surge in financial services. Prepare with these 4 steps.

The Execu|Search Group Sponsors Hedge Funds Care Summer Social

Execu|Search News
The Execu|Search Group recently partnered with Hedge Funds Care’s Young Professionals Committee as a sponsor of their Summer Sunset Social!

Make Yourself More Marketable In Finance With These 4 Soft Skills

Financial Services
While technical skills and particular certifications are important, you don’t want to overlook the value of your soft skills!

Spotlight On Emerging Trends: Quantitative Trading

Career + Job Search
Quantitative trading has grown as a reliable way to make trading decisions. For those interested in that career path, learn more from The Execu|Search Group

Finance + Accounting Pros: Your Job Search Vs. Your Bonus?

Planning on delaying your job search until you can collect your bonus in March? Here's why The Execu|Search Group advises you to reconsider...

Considering An MBA? Make Sure You’re Doing It For The Right Reasons!

Financial Services
To ensure an MBA is the best next step for your career, be sure to evaluate your career goals and do your due diligence beforehand. Here are 3 general misconceptions about getting an MBA…

3 Reasons Why Taking The CFA Should Be Your Next Career Move

Financial Services
While it’s no secret that the CFA is considered to be one of the most challenging certification processes in the industry, this designation can be essential for long-term success…

In The Face Of Uncertainty, Financial Services Embraces Consultants

Financial Services
In response to the financial services market, The Execu|Search Group has seen a new hiring trend: institutions have begun hiring more temporary staff.

Compliance Professionals: What SEC Crackdowns Mean For Your Career

Financial Services
The SEC has increased its regulatory exams, and as a result, compliance professionals who possess regulatory compliance expertise are in-demand

Personal Branding 101 For Financial Services Professionals

As a financial services professional in today’s job market, you have to do more than sell your skills to get hired. Learn more from The Execu|Search Group...

The Execu|Search Group Attends The ACA Group’s Spring Compliance Conference

Execu|Search News
Last week, The Execu|Search Group’s Financial Services: Legal/Compliance division attended ACA Compliance Group’s spring conference.

Finance Professionals: Don’t Overlook The Value Of Your References!

After the interview, your potential future employer wants to check your references. You basically have the job, right? Don’t think so fast.

Finance Professionals: 3 Ways To Gain a Competitive Edge During Interviews

Financial Services
As the employment rate is improving, weak performance by hedge funds and other financial institutions has forced many to readjust their hiring strategies

Financial Services Is Seeing A Major Influx Of Marketing Roles

Financial Services
Financial services firms are now looking for qualified marketing and branding professionals to revamp their image. Learn more from The Execu|Search Group...

Exploring the Rising Demand for Anti-Money Laundering Specialists

Anti-Money Laundering is experiencing a huge uptick in hiring. Here’s why...
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