Spotlight On Team TESG: Luis Rivas

After two years as a technical recruiter at another staffing firm, Luis was ready for a change. While he still enjoyed his work, he felt his career had hit a wall. In search of an opportunity that would offer more room for professional growth, Luis joined The Execu|Search Group in 2014 as a Staffing Manager in New York.

Luis transitioned into a business development role for the Accounting/Finance temporary division after six months of recruiting. Due to his success, Luis was given the opportunity to help the company expand into South Florida. Since he was originally from the area, the decision to relocate to the recently opened Fort Lauderdale office and build the Accounting/Finance division from the ground up was an easy one. After hitting a key milestone, Luis was asked to oversee a second team.

Today, Luis manages the Accounting/Finance and Office Support lines of business for the Fort Lauderdale office. Continue reading to learn more about his story:

On why he joined The Execu|Search Group…

Off the bat, I could tell that The Execu|Search Group was different from other staffing firms. I was immediately drawn to the work environment where it was clear that leadership trusted your judgment. While colleagues at all levels are available for mentorship and support, they allow you to perform without being micromanagers. Finding an organization that would give me the independence to make an impact was an important factor in my job search, and it’s one of the main reasons why I chose Execu|Search.

On what he loves about working here…

The ability to grow without restraint is something that has set my experience at Execu|Search apart. The company is very encouraging of new ideas, which has allowed me to develop my own process. Since you really get out what you put in, this has created a culture where employees are motivated to work hard and move into leadership positions.

The fact that we’re expanding nationwide has also provided me with more opportunities for professional and financial growth. Being able to help the company break into a new market, build my own team, and grow the operation have all been extremely rewarding career accomplishments.

On what he enjoys most about his job…

I feel very fortunate to be part of my team. We’re a very close knit group that supports each other, both personally and professionally. The entire team knows that we would not be able to succeed without each other, and this synergy has been integral to our expansion into South Florida.

On what he thinks sets him apart from others in the field…

I do not like to focus on making short term gains with my clients, preferring to focus on long-term relationship building. I think my big picture approach is something my clients appreciate, and I manage my team with the same philosophy. For example, I teach them that every hiccup along the way should be viewed as a learning experience. Breaking into a new market is never easy, and these short-term challenges will only make us stronger as a team in the long run.