Spotlight On Team TESG: Daniel Myers

After he retired from the United States Navy, Daniel chose to work in staffing for the next phase of his career. He first took a position as an account manager with another firm, but after a year, he no longer felt challenged by the work or that he was being utilized to his fullest potential.

Daniel was approached by The Execu|Search Group in 2011 to help launch our Melville, NY office. Daniel successfully rose to the challenge of introducing the firm’s temporary division to this new market and has since been promoted to Senior Managing Director. Today, he oversees both the Accounting/Finance and Office Support lines of business for our Long Island-based accounts. Continue reading to learn more about Daniel’s experience:

On why he joined The Execu|Search Group

The partner overseeing the expansion had a clear vision for growth. I was not being sold on hopes and dreams, but rather being spoken to as an individual. They were very candid about the challenges of launching a new market, but assured me that I’d be able to create new opportunities for myself if I was willing to put in the effort. As I met with other people at the firm, it was clear that sense of transparency was not exclusive to leadership. This led me to trust that I was getting an honest overview of the firm as well as what my future growth opportunities looked like.

On what he loves about working here

There are many things I love about working at Execu|Search, but I really appreciate the level of autonomy offered by leadership. Being trusted to do the work my way has been paramount to my success at the company.

With that said, there is always someone to turn to for help with challenges or to run new ideas by. This sense of camaraderie really sets Execu|Search apart from other firms. Wins are celebrated across the company. It doesn’t matter if it involved a different office or another division. We are all supportive of each other, regardless of position or tenure.

On what he enjoys most about his job

Helping my clients work towards their business goals by connecting them with highly qualified talent is one thing I really enjoy about my job. At the same time, finding our candidates opportunities to work at leading companies, advance their skill sets, and improve their quality of life have been extremely rewarding experiences. I also love managing my team and seeing my colleagues grow both personally and professionally.

On what he thinks sets him apart from others in his field

Coming from a military background where a lack of communication can have very grave consequences, I have always made sure effective communication is the foundation of all my relationships. Many people do not realize that there is a difference between being an effective communicator and a great speaker. Instead of talking, an effective communicator takes the time to listen.

I like to believe that this is the reason why people like working with me. When speaking with both clients and job seekers, I ensure I fully understand what they are looking for in their next hire or career opportunity. Without it being the right fit for both parties, the placement will not work. That’s why I look beyond skillset when filling a role. Instead, I focus on each company’s culture and what type of people are successful there.