Spotlight On Emerging Trends: FinTech

As an IT professional, you may know that you have a lot of opportunities available to you in today’s job market.  In this technologically advanced society, nearly every company needs some assistance in bringing their digital presence to life and developing new digital solutions for their customers.  “While there are a lot of opportunities available, finding the right role for you is crucial to your success—and your happiness—in your career,” says Jennifer Oppenheimer, a Senior Director within The Execu|Search Group’s Information Technology division.  “Additionally, choosing a lucrative path with the most career potential can be a difficult decision.” As the landscape continues to change in technology, many trends will come and go.  However, one trend that’s likely to stay is FinTech—or, Financial Technology.

The FinTech industry has seen rapid growth in recent years.  With the rise of various mobile payment applications, consumers are making purchases from their phones more than ever—a trend that will only continue to spread. In fact, according to a recent Visa study, 54% of respondents regularly use a mobile device to make payments for a range of activities.

“As a result of this growth, more and more organizations are developing mobile payment solutions or online banking options that serve the needs of consumers more efficiently,” says Jennifer.  According to Jennifer, these companies desperately need back-end developers with financial experience, specifically those with a Java background and potentially experience with cryptocurrency.  For IT professionals looking to get involved, FinTech is a lucrative career option.

Joining a FinTech company can not only be financially smart for a developer, but joining a small- to medium-sized organization can give IT professionals a good environment to build on their skills and grow in their career.  “Many of these FinTech companies are startups, and they definitely have a more progressive culture to them,” notes Jennifer.  “This means that the environment can be extremely collaborative, and your role may consist of more responsibilities than it would at a larger organization.  If you’re looking to feel more like a big fish in a small pond, this type of company could be the right move for you.”  For professionals who want to expand their capabilities and become that jack-of-all-trades resource, this atmosphere can help you achieve those career goals.  Additionally, FinTech is a space that is likely to continue growing at an exponential rate, and those who enter this industry now will see increased opportunities in the future.

If you’re considering making the move to a FinTech company, Jennifer recommends that you hone your skills and know your worth.  “These organizations are typically looking for back-end developers who have some financial experience, so they typically hire from larger financial institutions” explains Jennifer. In order to be a favorable candidate, brushing up on your back-end skills and gaining experience with finance can increase your chances.

Additionally, be sure that you conduct your own research to determine your value and marketability.  Consider your skillset and years of experience to discover what others similar to you are doing in the FinTech industry.  “You may be surprised at just how marketable you are to FinTech employers,” says Jennifer.  “And if you discover that you are in high-demand, now is the time to make the move.”