Employers: How To Make A Job Offer Stand Out

Today, employers are facing a new set of challenges. With factors such as a declining unemployment rate and the skills shortage making it more difficult to identify and attract talent, employers must change the way they approach the hiring process. Whether this means hiring for potential or placing a greater emphasis on company branding, those who do not adapt to this evolving job market risk falling behind their competitors.

Consider this finding for further proof: 55% of the working professionals we surveyed for our 2018 Hiring Outlook survey reported that they interviewed for two or more roles when they interviewed for their current position. Not only does this mean that there is more competition for talent, but it also gives job seekers the opportunity to be more selective when making career decisions.

So, how can employers appeal to prospective hires in this candidate-driven market? While a strong job offer is key, there are a lot of steps one must first take to effectively “close the deal” with a top candidate. Here’s how to ensure your company sets the stage for a successful offer acceptance:

Prior to the offer:

Introduce them to the company culture: Today, a company’s culture (or lack thereof) can make or break a candidate’s decision to accept an offer. As a result, it’s critical to give prospective hires an authentic, well-rounded view of what it’s like to work for the organization.

Emphasize opportunities for professional development: Rather than climbing the career ladder with one employer, today’s professionals are focused on identifying opportunities that allow for continuous skills development. Appeal to this demand by discussing what your company offers (i.e. mentorship programs, leadership development, training classes, etc.) in regards to professional development throughout the hiring process.

The offer stage:

Make faster decisions: When job seekers are interviewing with multiple companies, taking too long to extend a job offer can lead a top candidate to accept an offer with another company. To shorten your hiring process, try: reducing the number of interview rounds, having candidates meet with multiple parties in one day, and introducing top applicants to the team they would be joining earlier on.

Offer competitive salaries/pay rates: Once it’s time to extend a job offer, understanding what quantifies a competitive salary or pay rate is key. There are a variety of resources that job seekers can leverage in today’s market to determine their value, and they won’t hesitate to look elsewhere if the employer doesn’t pull through.

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