Java Developers: How (and Why) To Make The Move To Android Development

In today’s fast-paced technology landscape, it’s no surprise that Java developers are in high demand. From healthcare to accounting, all industries are seeking professionals proficient in Java to develop software applications for their unique needs. But while these needs are very much present and pressing, another field is quickly becoming equally, if not more so, demanding: mobile application development.

For those who have spent their education and/or careers focusing on Java, making the transition specifically to Android development may be the most valuable next move. Mobile applications coded  for the Android operating systems are written in Java, making for a smooth transition from the competitive client applications field that many Java developers are looking for work in.

Moving from Client Applications to Mobile Development

“Making the move from client application development to android mobile development is fast and simple for those who are well-versed in Java,” says Joe Schott, Director of The Execu|Search Group’s Information Technology division. “The only missing piece linking the two together is the Android Software Development Kit, which can be easily learned in one’s own time.”

The Android Software Development Kit, often referred to simply as SDK, is a comprehensive package of development tools necessary to building a well-rounded, interactive application for the Android operating system. For those who are unfamiliar with it, learning is as simple as referring to the tutorial materials included in the package and practicing. “I recommend that anyone looking to break into the Android mobile application market takes the time to develop a practice application at home,” says Joe. “Start your own project and add it to your portfolio. That way, when you’re job searching, you have something to refer to in an interview to demonstrate your skills.”

Even if you’re not looking to focus solely on mobile application, simply learning how to work within the SDK can add tremendous value to you as an IT professional. Businesses across all industries are looking for those who are at least familiar with mobile application development, so if you’re looking to gain a leg up on your competition, still consider adding one or two related projects to your portfolio and updating your skillset on your resume to highlight your competencies in the mobile space.

The Benefits of Being a Mobile Developer

In mobile development, needs are so great for experienced candidates that job seekers can expect to see quick, competitive offers. Since mobile applications are still relatively new, the marketplace is becoming extremely candidate-driven as more and more businesses seek mobile application skills. This is where adding a project to your portfolio can come in handy, especially if you don’t yet have any work experience with mobile development and are looking to break in.

This also gives those looking for work an opportunity to shop around for the best cultural fit within his or her desired industry. Mobile developers are so in-demand that many businesses are reassessing their hiring strategies when seeking them. As a result, in this candidate-driven market, companies are focused on securing the best talent against their competition—and they’re willing to make the best offer in order to do so. Therefore, those with these highly sought-after skills can assess which company would be the best fit with the assurance that wherever they land, they are likely to be given or have the ability to negotiate a great offer.

Overall, obtaining these skills not only gives you an edge on your competition and contributes to a better job search, it gives you access to what is becoming a very fun, engaging, and challenging specialty. “All learning Android mobile development can do is open more doors and provide you with more opportunities,” says Joe. “This is especially true in regards to those looking to work in a specific industry. By working on your mobile development skills, you’ll be in-demand across the board.”

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