[Infographic] 7 Job Hunting Mistakes New Graduates Should Avoid

For a new graduate, entering the job market is uncharted territory. After all, college may have taught you everything you need to know except how to land a job. While this transition can be a daunting experience coupled with many highs and lows, you’ll eventually find your way in the workforce—most likely on a path you never could have imagined. As a result, it’s important to embark on your job search with an open mind and ready to face the challenges ahead.

As you begin this new phase in your life, it is important to be aware that new graduates are often guilty of some common mistakes during their job search. As you will come to learn, the job market is full of unspoken rules that you are expected to know. In our latest infographic, you can get an edge up on your competition with the 7 Job Hunting Mistakes New Graduates Should Avoid. When you start your search knowing which pitfalls to avoid, you’ll put yourself in a better position to land that dream job.

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