What Healthcare Professionals Should Look For When Partnering With A Staffing Firm

When embarking on your next job search, there are several routes to take as a healthcare professional. Throughout your search, you may find yourself meeting with a staffing firm enlisted with hiring staff for a facility. While working with a staffing firm is one of many options, having a partner in your search can ease some of the stress and challenges you will face before finding the right position. However, finding the right staffing firm is key to finding a role that’s the right fit for you. If you’re considering working with a staffing firm, here’s what you need to consider when finding the best partner for your job search:

Find someone who listens to you

Many healthcare professionals may experience the type of recruiter who simply launches into a laundry list of available roles without first learning more about the person in front of them. When considering your career choices and your future, it is crucial that you take the time to find someone who will work to truly understand you. When a recruiter gets a better sense of your career goals, your skill set, your set requirements, and your personality, they can work to find the right role for you. For example, if you’ve always worked at a larger metro hospital, it is vital that your recruiter understand your preferences during your search: do you prefer the large hospital setting for a particular reason, or are you perhaps looking to experience a new setting? Each healthcare professional is unique, and having a recruiter who takes the time to understand you can make a world of difference.

Partner with someone who assists you with every step of the process

Not only is it important to partner with someone who can find roles that are right for you, but also someone who is there to help you every step of the way. This could mean that your recruiter is available to help you prepare for an interview, they assist you in your credentialing paperwork, or they will consult with you on the future of your career and offer advice. When you find a recruiter who offers you more than just the bare minimum, it can make all the difference to your long-term success.

Choose someone who is established in the healthcare industry

When partnering with a staffing firm, it is crucial that you find a firm that has built relationships within the healthcare industry. Because facilities often rely on staffing firms, they typically partner with a firm who is reliable and established in the healthcare industry as well. With very specific needs and skill sets required, facilities can’t afford to take a chance on a firm that is not experienced in this realm. As a result, the top facilities will have established staffing partners whom they trust to find talented healthcare professionals. These relationships are often long-term, and facilities place their trust in these staffing firms to find the best talent, year after year. When you work with a staffing firm who has built relationships with these top facilities, you are backed with the reputation of a firm who has the trust of the facility. As a result, you’ve gained a powerful advocate who can help get your foot in the door.

Work with an expert in the healthcare industry

In addition to finding a firm who has built relationships with top facilities, working with an experienced recruiter who understands the healthcare industry is crucial to your success. Rather than simply checking off boxes of required skill sets, a recruiter who has experience in the healthcare industry (or perhaps has worked in healthcare before) can better understand the nuances in each facility and each healthcare professional. When your partner in your job search can think through more elements of your search rather than simply your skill set and experience, it is more likely that they can help you find the perfect match.