How Execu|Search Put Me To Work: Dolores Williams

This is part of a series of testimonials from candidates who have successfully been placed by The Execu|Search Group. This testimonial comes from Dolores Williams; you can find our past testimonials here

When Dolores, an administrative professional, found herself in the midst of a career transition in 2016, she used it as an opportunity to go back to school to learn new skills and stay up-to-date on evolving tech trends. After completing a 6-week Google class, Dolores connected with Jamie Giacomelli, a Director within The Execu|Search Group’s Office Support division. Since Dolores was open to different career paths, Jaime worked closely with her to identify opportunities that would help further develop her skills.

Dolores quickly landed a two-month opportunity with a home furnishing company. Due to her hard work, the company extended her assignment for two more years. Since that project ended, Dolores has continued to work with The Execu|Search Group and was happy to discuss her experience with us:

On Her Background

I worked for a major investment bank for several years. When I was laid off due to a merger, I realized I was mostly familiar with internal investment technology and that I needed to diversify my skills to be more competitive when job searching. To help bring my skills up-to-date, I went back to school and took some transitional jobs in a variety of industries.

On What She Was Looking For

Although I did not know what career path I wanted to take, I knew I wanted an opportunity that would allow for further career growth and help ensure my skills stayed current with evolving trends.

On How TESG Worked To Meet Her Needs

From the beginning of our relationship, it was clear that Jaime cared about my goals. When she initially presented me with a role that fit my background, but was in a field I did not want to return to, she did not push me to explore it further. Instead, she connected me with a different opportunity that was better aligned with my needs.

On Preparing For The Interview

Jaime took the time to make sure I had everything I needed to make a strong impression on each interview. She was especially helpful with company research and the questions I should ask to stand out from other candidates. This interview prep helped me remain poised and confident throughout the process, especially when interviewing for roles in fields that I did not have much experience in.

On Her Overall Experience

Although I didn’t have much experience in the field, my first assignment through The Execu|Search Group was extended from two months to two years as I was helping with a new software implementation. I have had two more assignments since that project ended this year. Although they have been in very different fields, the skills and technologies I have learned from these experiences have made me more competitive for future opportunities.

I am truly appreciative of Jaime and her team at Execu|Search. They are always willing to listen and to offer great advice, even when I am not actively job searching. From their articles on resume tips to how one can improve their skillset in today’s workforce, there was always something I was learning from the team.

“I started working with Dolores in the summer of 2016 and we have had a great relationship ever since,” says Jaime. “Dolores always puts her best foot forward. No matter what, she always manages to get to work on time and get her work done efficiently! I have gotten great feedback about her from our clients and she has been very successful in the three roles we’ve placed her in!