Can’t Get An Interview? Think Outside Of The Job Boards

In any job search, most professionals look to job boards like Indeed or Careerbuilder to find job openings that meet their needs. However, you may be struggling to get an interview after submitting several applications online. While it is worth questioning how you can improve your resume or cover letter, it’s also important to recognize that a vast number of jobs aren’t even posted on job boards.

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If you feel like you can’t get an interview after hours on job boards and submitting applications, remember that there are still plenty of job openings, and there are other ways to make a lasting impression. If you need to think outside of the job boards, try some of these job search strategies:

Enlist the help of your network

An important part of every job search includes reaching out to your network. Your professional connections are some of the most powerful tools in your job search, and it’s important to reach out to people you know and trust. Not only can you get leads on other opportunities by doing so, but you have someone who can advocate for you and make sure you get a foot in the door.

Additionally, your network connections are often people who know you very well professionally. As a result, they may have insight or advice for you that can help you navigate the next steps in your career outside of simply referring you to job opportunities.

Attend networking events

Job searching is also a great time to expand your network. At any given networking event, you never know who you could meet. As a result, attending local events for professionals rather than spending hours poring over job posting can be a great use of time. In addition, you can make an effort to strike up a conversation with someone new, and perhaps offer to help them out. This not only gives you more experience, but it also allows your new connection to vouch for your work if they hear of an opportunity.

Make the jobs find you

While you may have spent countless hours on your resume and cover letter, it’s worth asking whether you’ve done the same for your online presence. Remember, recruiters are often looking for qualified candidates on LinkedIn. Plus, hiring managers often google applicants before scheduling an interview. If your LinkedIn profile hasn’t received the same attention as your resume or your social media presence doesn’t line up with your professional personality, you most likely won’t get approached for relevant opportunities.

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To get recruiters to find you, be sure that you’ve updated your LinkedIn profile, displayed samples of your work, and cleaned up your social media accounts.

Speak to a recruiter

While many job seekers don’t think to utilize this resource, speaking to a recruiter who specializes in your field can be invaluable. Because recruiters have a unique role, they’re able to do a lot for you, including:

  • Understanding your experience and career goals and how it fits into the job market
  • Helping you improve your resume
  • Submitting your application on your behalf for relevant roles
  • Scheduling interviews and negotiating an offer
  • Offer insights into the current job market for your field

As a result, utilizing a recruiter can be an excellent opportunity to get an expert opinion in addition to information on new job opportunities—this is sure to limit the time you’re spending on job boards.