8 Simple Mistakes To Avoid If You’re Job Hunting

Now that you’re on the hunt for a new job, it’s important that you take the right steps to ensure you’re set up for success. While a strong resume or an impressive professional background are great ways to get yourself noticed, your job search checklist should encompass much more. If you’re in need of a quick refresher on the areas you should be paying attention to while you’re job hunting, here are 8 simple mistakes you should avoid at all costs:

  1. Job hunting without…a strategy

While it can be tempting to dive right into the job market and aimlessly submit applications, it’s important to note that this can do more harm than good. The most successful job seekers are the ones that have outlined a strategy for themselves. Set specific goals you want to reach, whether it is the types of companies, roles, or responsibilities you’re looking for in your next job.

  1. Job hunting without…a LinkedIn account

In today’s digital age, you’re doing yourself a disservice by not having a LinkedIn account. Your LinkedIn profile is typically the first stop an employer will make to get a quick snapshot of your professional experience and skills. If you haven’t created a profile yet or need to bring your profile up to date, be sure to do so before you start applying to jobs.

  1. Job hunting with…errors on your resume

Your resume is often the first opportunity you have to make a positive first impression, so if you want to be taken as a serious candidate, be sure to foolproof your resume. Rather than relying solely on spellcheck to catch misspellings, have a fresh set of eyes look at your resume to point out issues with grammar, format, or syntax. An error-free resume is one of the best ways to make it clear that you are serious about the role.

  1. Job hunting without…being organized

If you are applying to multiple jobs at a time, it can become overwhelming to keep track of every submission you’ve made. After all, you never want to be caught off guard if a prospective employer contacts you for an interview and you can’t remember which role you applied to. To avoid this situation, create an Excel or Google Doc to organize and track your activity, including: jobs applied to, date, responses received, phone interviews, etc.

  1. Job hunting without…prepping for common interview questions

Not all interviews are created equal, but at the very least, there are a number of common interview questions you should be prepared for. Having specific responses in mind can go a long way to increase your level of confidence.

  1. Job hunting without…preparing interview questions to ask

While answering interview questions is one half of the interview equation, you also need to make sure you have thought about questions to ask your interviewer. Whether you want to learn more about the role or company culture, asking detailed questions shows you’ve done your research and lets your interviewer know you are genuinely interested in working with that company.

  1. Job hunting without…utilizing your network

One of the most underutilized areas in the job search process is your own network. Instead of sending your resume into a black hole of online applications, reach out to people in your network to see if there’s any way they can lend a hand. In addition, attending networking events, volunteering, or arranging meet ups are great ways to build your network.

  1. Job hunting without…sending thank you notes

Instead of ending your interview and waiting to hear back, be sure to take the extra step to send a ‘thank you’ note to all those who were involved in the interview. Along similar lines, if you feel left in the dark on where you stand in the interview process, don’t be afraid to follow up with your contact to get an update.