7 Ways To Boost Your Professional Value

Becoming indispensable at work is something every professional should strive for, and to do this you will need to make your professional worth known. You never want to be viewed by an employer as “easily replaceable,” and by becoming more knowledgeable, more ambitious, and more skilled, you can become an invaluable asset to your team. To set an example your coworkers will follow and your boss will take notice of, read on for our tips:

Be a Go-Getter: In evaluating your professional worth, you should first honestly address your job performance. Could yours use some improving? Be proactive – go to your boss with suggestions of things you can add to your to-do list. Assess your own capabilities – if you feel you can handle added responsibility, ask your manager about taking on new projects. This will show you are highly motivated, and seek to do more for the company.

Become a Jack or Jill of all Trades: Taking on projects outside your area of expertise will make you a more well-rounded individual. If a specific topic is of interest to you, ask your manager if it would be possible for you to attend meetings related to that field. If you are interested in diversifying your experience in order to work in a different industry, do some research and see which areas of knowledge and expertise the industries you’re interested in call for. Build those skills to make yourself more appealing.

Volunteer: Volunteering can give you access to other disciplines, and help build your knowledge and skills in those areas. Volunteering is a respected activity that will look good on any resume.

Network: Industry-related groups, meetings, and online sites such as LinkedIn make networking easier than ever before. Whether it be through an introduction to a person who has your dream job, or simply getting more insight about an industry you’re interested in, forming relationships with relevant contacts can bring you closer to accomplishing your career goals. Since networking is meant to  be a mutually beneficial exchange in which you give in order to get, remember to pass along any relevant opportunities you come across to contacts you know would be interested. Good professional karma will reward you in the long run.

Get a New Certification: Having a new certification for a skill that’s becoming increasingly important in your field adds to your professional value, because it shows you’re passionate about advancing your career and becoming a more knowledgeable employee. They solidly affirm your skills and look great on any resume.

Search for Internal Growth: Many companies look for candidates within their own employee base before turning to the outside. Keep an eye out for openings you feel well-suited for and find out how you can apply. In certain scenarios, it may be beneficial to reach out to HR to discuss your interest in the position.

Make Yourself An Expert: Find a knowledge or skill gap within your company, and become the resident expert on that topic. Showing that you’re proactive by educating yourself in addition to others on a new or changing business trend is a quality that all employers value.

With today’s changing economy, versatility and flexibility are more valuable than ever. Industries are shifting by the day, and therefore, so must the professionals who work within them. Following these simple tips will help you become that office superstar who can seamlessly transition from one role to the next, making you an irreplaceable and invaluable member of the team.