2014 Hiring Trends: 7 Booming Tech Jobs

Hiring trends in the Information Technology sector have been indicating rapid job growth amongst a variety of computer and information technology occupations for 2014 and the coming years. Professionals with a spectrum of skill sets are needed at businesses across industries, and this demand is only increasing. This growth can be traced to the digitalization of businesses and the subsequent needs for assistance in transitioning to more technologically-savvy systems.

“Many of our clients are looking to be matched with professionals who can provide support,” says Michael Manganelli, Senior Technical Recruiter at ES Technology, a division of The Execu|Search Group. “The candidates they are looking for have skills that are vital to updating their business processes and bringing their organization into the increasingly technologically-oriented modern age.”

Two particular areas where our IT recruiting division is seeing an uptick in demand for IT professionals are the development and network sides.  “While some of the positions that fall within these categories have been around for a while, others, particularly those that involve Big Data, are relatively new and are increasing in popularity,” says Michael.  “As our most in-demand positions call for professionals with different backgrounds and skills sets, there’s something out there for everyone.”

Here are seven such positions we are seeing increased demand for and the skills they require:

  1. .Net Developers – Using the Microsoft .NET services development framework, .NET Developers design and build applications for companies and provide customer service to clients regarding production Web applications, services and processes. In order for these developers to be successful, they not only have to be proficient in a variety of programming languages and have strong technical documentation skills, but also need to demonstrate strong communication skills and have the ability to act as a team player.
  2. Java Developers – This occupation also calls for great communication skills, as developers work with cross-functional teams and must collaborate and communicate with others on a regular basis. As code creators, their responsibilities entail testing and ridding their code of bugs, making sure that their product is completed within a specific timeline, and troubleshooting issues. Java Developers also typically have experience with web and software development and knowledge of various frameworks.
  3.  Python Developers – Python Developers are responsible for implementing software into business solutions, designing and building data to support initiatives, and developing algorithms to resolve business problems. These professionals must be up to date with the latest and most current techniques regarding the development of dynamic user interfaces. As a result, if you are a Python Developer looking for your next opportunity, it’s important to explain to potential employers that you have kept your skills up-to-date and have the evidence to back it up.
  4. Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst – As Big Data continues to transform the way organizations make decisions, the demand for professionals who can analyze this data will continue to grow. Though this field is relatively new, common skills in the IT industry such as technical skills, problem-solving skills, and communication skills are prerequisites for any person applying for this type of position. Though there is one certification available, most employers are looking for individuals with a bachelor’s degree in IT, business statistics, or a related field in addition to extensive experience analyzing data.
  5. Network Administrator – Network Administrators are responsible for designing, building, and maintaining local area networks, wide area networks, and intranets. Since the complexity of networks vary by business, it’s important that they update their knowledge base by maintaining professional networks, actively seeking out educational opportunities, and reading industry publications. They should have a solid understanding of hardware and wiring needs and possess excellent communication and analytical skills in order to collaborate with senior management and clients.  For those looking to demonstrate their mastery of network administration, there are a variety of certification programs to choose from.
  6. Network Security – As data becomes more sensitive and hackers are becoming stealthier, businesses are placing more emphasis on network security. There are a number of certifications professionals can obtain to increase their value in the market, such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), and Certified Information Security Manager (CISM). Ideal candidates for these roles have knowledge of data encryption techniques and best practices, an understanding of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, project management skills, and network administration and engineering skills.
  7. DevOps – Careers in DevOps combine the server administration side with the scripting side of IT. DevOps Developers work to bridge open source components with code in order to create new software that can work across a variety of operating systems and platforms, and therefore need to be able to utilize numerous skills in their day-to-day interactions, including data management, coding, scripting, knowledge of open source technologies and tools, and familiarity with incremental code testing and deployment. For passionate IT professionals with a multi-disciplinary skillset, DevOps can represent a challenging new venture.


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