6 Questions That Are Sure To Impress Any Interviewer

“Do you have any questions for me?”  This is something we all know we are going to be asked at some point during an interview. Yet, it’s a time when many candidates draw a blank. After all of your preparation, from company research to reference requests, it can be easy to forget that an interview is a two-way street.  You need to assess whether you would like to work for this company, just as they need to assess whether they would like to hire you.  In order to make an informed decision, here are six questions that are sure to impress the hiring manager as well as give you insight into what you can expect, should you choose to join the company:

What are some of the qualities this person should possess in order to be successful in this role?

By learning about the soft skills needed to perform well in this position, you can follow up their response by talking about why that makes you a good fit for the role.  When explaining this, tell a story about an experience that highlights the skills they’ve mentioned.

How do you measure or evaluate success?

It’s important to learn how employees are evaluated, as your performance—or even job security—could depend on specific metrics.  The employer will appreciate that you want to be successful in this role, and you’ll be able to determine whether you feel like you can deliver the results they’re looking for you to achieve.

Plus, this can also give you insight on the company culture.  For example, if you’re getting the impression that the organization is heavily focused on deadlines and meeting metrics, this could point to a more stressful environment.  This is important information to know if you feel you’d perform better in a different setting.

What are the projects you would like to see this person accomplish/tackle first?

This will give you an indication of how your first days on the job could look, and you’ll be able to determine what you should expect to prioritize first.  Asking this question will also show the interviewer that you are interested in learning about the specifics of the role, which implies you are excited to see how you’d contribute to the team.

What are the long term goals of the department/company?

This answer can tell you the general direction in which the company is headed, so you can decipher whether that’s where you want your career to go as well.  Additionally, this will show the interviewer that you are interested in the future of the company and how you fit into their long term plans.

How would you describe the company culture?

The company culture can largely decide whether or not you’ll be happy in this position.  Is teamwork encouraged?  Are there growth opportunities?  Do employees have a work-life balance?  If you’re spending 40+ hours at the organization, you’ll want to be sure that the company will allow you to accomplish your career goals while meeting your needs.

Can you tell me about a project or experience in your time here that you’re extremely proud of?

Not only does this give you insight into how the company operates, but it also strategically encourages the employer to discuss something they are passionate about.  They’ll appreciate that you want to know more about them, and they’ll notice that you’re curious about how the role can be meaningful or impactful.  On the other hand, if they have a hard time answering the question, it could raise some red flags about whether this is the right opportunity for you.