6 Career Experts You Should Be Following On Twitter

How often do you turn to social media sites for help during a job search? For many of today’s professionals, sites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor are not only great resources for job postings, but also for valuable insight on the job market and strategies to use throughout your search. However, these aren’t the only sites where you can find insightful career experts who can help you with your job search.

Though it may not seem like an obvious choice at first, Twitter is home to many career experts who have tons of great tips for your job search and your career. By knowing who these career experts are, you’ll likely find answers to a variety of questions you may have been asking for ages.

Here are six of our favorite career experts you’ll want to be following on Twitter:

Lindsey Pollak

Lindsey is known as a “Multigenerational Workplace Expert” and, as a New York Times bestselling author, you can bet she has plenty of helpful tips for entry-level and experienced professionals alike. With insight for both employers and employees, Lindsey is one of the most recognized and sought-out career experts on Twitter.

Lauren Berger

If you’re still in school or you’re a recent college graduate, you’ll definitely want to check out Lauren’s Twitter! The founder of immensely popular Intern Queen Inc., Lauren discusses everything from internship opportunities to how to succeed in your first job. Even if you’re a seasoned professional, we do recommend her recent video about dealing with rejection not only during a job search, but in your everyday life.

Amanda Augustine

As a career and resume writing expert, Amanda’s Twitter is a one-stop account for any questions you may have about your resume or navigating the workplace. We particularly love her article and accompanying infographic about how to write a perfect resume!

Abby Kohut

Abby is among our favorite career experts on Twitter because of the diverse set of topics she posts on her timeline. Want to know how to stand out to a potential employer? Need expert interview tips from a pro? Abby has likely already found and shared the answer.

Jacob Share

If you’re really struggling with your job search, one of the career experts you’ll want to start following is Jacob. While a long and unsuccessful job search can be exhausting, Jacob not only has advice to getting over those humps, but also for how you can turn it all around!

Phyllis Mufson

Similar to Abby, Phyllis is a great expert to go to for any type of question you may have throughout your career. With new articles being tweeted every day, there is never a shortage of professional advice you can’t find on Phyllis’ Twitter!