5 Ways To Master A Video Interview In 2019

If you’re planning on finding a new job in 2019, you might come across some different interview techniques. Because innovations in technology are rapidly making waves in the workplace, HR teams are incorporating these trends into their hiring strategy. Video interviewing is one technique that is becoming more common due to its flexibility for both candidates and hiring managers, which can result in quicker hiring decisions. Read also: 4 Ways To Speed Up The Hiring Process

It’s important to treat a video interview with the same importance as an in-person interview. As well as researching the company, there are additional components that come with video interview prep.

To help you make a great first impression, here are five video interview tips for success in 2019:

Triple-check your connectivity

Technical glitches happen, but they can certainly shake your confidence and set the stage for a poor first impression. To avoid this altogether, make sure your webcam is functioning, your microphone (headset recommended) is resonating clearly, and your WiFi connection is strong prior to the video interview. If time permits, see if a friend is available for a test call on the video application you’ll be using. Following these steps before your interview should avoid any technical issues, which is important from the get-go.

Location is key

Be sure to check your surroundings for a successful video interview. Try to avoid a distracting background by choosing a well-lit, quiet area that is clean and organized. This will ensure that all eyes are on you as the candidate, instead of what’s in the background.

Dress for success

Although you’ll usually be seen from the waist up, it can be tempting to wear comfortable pants such as sweats or pajamas. Doing so, however, can lead you to treat the interview more casually. Since this can reflect in your overall tone in the conversation, you should dress as if you’re meeting the interviewer in-person. This can help you get in the right mindset.

Mute distracting notifications

It would be unfortunate to lose your focus during a video interview due to a pop-up message or video ad. To ensure you can give the interviewer your full attention, it’s important to only keep open the program or application you are using in your interview. If using a program where other people may contact you on, such as Skype or Google Hangouts, be sure to set your status as “Busy” or “Do Not Disturb”.

Be organized with your notes

A major benefit of a video interview is that you can have notes readily available without the interviewer noticing. Keeping notes nearby, such as talking points, the job description, your resume, and a list of questions to ask the interviewer, can be helpful to keep the conversation going.