5 Top Skills Employers Look For In New Hires

With the job market remaining strong, your chances of landing a new career opportunity are likely higher than they may have been a few years ago. Just because your job search will likely be easier however, doesn’t mean you’ll be guaranteed a new position right away! Many job seekers in today’s market are known for their talent and skill level, so how do you stand out from the pack?

In order to get your resume noticed, ace the interview, and land the job, you’ll want to ensure you’re showing that you’re in possession of the top skills employers look for when they onboard new staff. To prove you’re the candidate the company is looking for, you’ll want to demonstrate you have the following five skills:

Problem solving skills

Regardless of where you are in your career, you’ve likely had to navigate and solve some type of problem in the past. Since challenges can come up at any time, an employer will want to know how you handle what can be a stressful situation. While listing experiences that show your problem solving skills is important, you’ll also want to communicate you have this skill during the interview. As it’s likely you’ll be asked how you handle conflicts in a professional setting, be thorough when discussing the details about what caused a problem, what you did to resolve it, and what the end results were.

Microsoft Office proficiency

While no role is going to require you to be a tech genius, it’s hard to find any position now that doesn’t require at least some knowledge in Microsoft Office. Particularly, proficiency in Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel are among the top skills employers look for when making new hires. Instead of merely listing these skills on a resumes, the way to catch the hiring manager’s eye is by outlining when you were required to use these programs in a previous role. For example, instead of only saying you’re proficient in PowerPoint, be sure to mention any instances where you were required to put together presentations with the program throughout your resume.

Communication skills

Regardless of position, level, and industry, your ability to communicate with others can define your success within a role. It’s important to remember that communication isn’t just about being a fun person to talk to—it’s also about getting your message across and making it clear that you’re invested in your colleagues’ ideas. You’ll want to prove you have strong communication skills during the interview by practicing good body language, like keeping eye contact with the interviewer and maintaining good posture, as well as waiting for them to finish speaking before answering their questions.

Leadership abilities

Even if you’re just starting out in your career, one of the top skills employers look for in all of their hires is leadership. As employee retention continues to become a major priority for employers, more companies are looking for employees who have the potential to advance within the organization. Because of this, demonstrating leadership skills on your resume and during the interview process can give you an edge. To prove you possess this coveted skill, don’t shy away from talking about the times where you have taken initiative and led a project, as well as how you learned and grew during these moments.

Time management skills

In today’s workforce, where any role may require you to wear multiple hats on any given day, employers will want to see that you’re capable of properly managing your time. Since companies value employees who are able to both multitask and be efficient, ensuring you communicate this through the hiring process is critical. It’s more than likely an interviewer will ask you how you manage your time, so you’ll want to come into the interview with a thorough knowledge of time management strategies you use and how they help you be more efficient at work.

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