5 Reasons Getting Your CPA Is Worth It

Every accounting professional has probably considered getting their CPA license. However, the time and energy it takes to study and pass all four exams may deter you from beginning the process. It can seem challenging to become a CPA, but it should not stop you from taking the exam if you want to advance your career.

“Having the discipline to study and pass all four parts of the exam demonstrates your commitment to the profession,” says Samantha Parris, Vice President of Accounting/Finance at The Execu|Search Group. “As the highest industry standard, this designation helps show a potential employer that you have the necessary skills, knowledge, and judgment to be successful in the role.”

Getting your CPA certification can make a major impact in your accounting career. Below are five reasons why you should start this process in 2019:

Increased job opportunities

Earning your CPA can help you stand out from the competition and can give you more access to new job opportunities. “Employers rely heavily on this certification to determine who is and who is not qualified for their open roles,” says Samantha. “In fact, we have many clients who won’t even consider a candidate that is not working toward their CPA.”

Enhanced professional credibility

Due to the rigor of the exam, getting your CPA certification puts you into an elite group of accountants that your colleagues will value and respect. You’ll be able to showcase a higher level of expertise and proficiency throughout your work and you’ll receive more credibility from your peers and clients.

Increased earning potential

One of the most obvious reasons to take the CPA exam is the opportunity to earn a more competitive salary. “Your salary can increase 10 – 15% more than an accountant without their CPA,” says Samantha.“ Many organizations also incentivize the pursuit of the CPA certification by offering large bonuses once you pass the test.”

More career development opportunities

If you want to advance your accounting career, getting your CPA will be critical to accomplishing this goal. “If you want to climb the ladder throughout your career, you will quickly find that many senior and management positions require a CPA since you will need to perform more advanced accounting functions,” says Samantha. “This designation can also open up more opportunities to specialize in different areas, including audit, business strategy, international tax, and forensic accounting.”

More job security

CPAs are in high demand and the need for them will only continue to grow as more Baby Boomers retire and new tax laws go into effect. “These factors are leading to an unprecedented demand for CPAs at all levels,” says Samantha. “That being said, there’s no better time to become a CPA. From high compensation to more opportunities to specialize, there are a ton of reasons to get certified and now’s the time to take advantage of it.”

Becoming a CPA is difficult but it’s worth it if you want to advance your career. As you set new goals for the new year, you should consider getting your CPA exam as a top priority. To begin studying for the exam, visit the American Institute of CPAs to learn more.