5 Career-Based New Year’s Resolutions To Consider

2016 is almost over and while you may be focused on tying up all your loose ends for the year, it isn’t a bad idea to set your sight on changes you may wish to make for the new year!

You may have a lot on your plate from now until 2017, but January drawing closer and closer means that it’s time you start putting some thought into your 2017 career-related resolutions. Even if you aren’t the type of person who looks to make any type of new year’s resolution, there is definitely nothing wrong with trying to make a good habit for 2017 before the stroke of midnight on January 1!

Unsure of what you want to accomplish in 2017? Consider making the following resolutions:

De-clutter your workspace and promise to keep it that way

If you’re the kind of person who has a hard time parting with anything, come into 2017 with a set amount of time to go through your work space and dispose of what’s unnecessary. Recycle old papers, bring those extra Tupperware containers home and, for good measure, give your desk a good and thorough scrub down. Having a clean and open area is an easy way to feel more organized, so this is a great step if you don’t just want a cleaner desk, but a clearer mindset too!

Have a better sleep schedule

It’s been found by many studies that a solid six to eight hours of sleep a night is conducive to greater levels of productivity and happiness. If you know you’ve been slacking on getting a good night’s sleep over the past year, make the commitment of going to bed earlier. It may be a struggle at first, but you’ll be much happier with that extra hour or two spent on sleeping and not on binging Netflix.

Look to expand your network

You know what we said about getting a head start on resolutions? This is one you should consider putting in motion now that the holidays are here. With office holiday parties and get-togethers currently taking place, there are few better times for you to branch out and connect with people who were not previously part of your network. Or, if there are people in your network who you do not know very well, this is the perfect time to build better connections within your current circle.

Learn new de-stressing routines

Workplace stress is something we all face, and we all have our own ways to cope with it over the course of time. However, whether or not our own methods actually help us is another issue altogether. Take some time to reflect on the stressful moments you had over the past year and assess if your current ways of de-stressing actually helped you get through difficult times. If not, consider trying a different approach. If you’re stumped, ask your colleagues what they do in order to calm themselves down when they need to take a step back from work.

Improve your email habits

Have a crazy amount of unread emails? Struggle to answer messages in a timely fashion? If you’ve demonstrated poor emailing habits in the past, you know that improving them can ultimately make you a more reliable professional in the future. In 2017, resolve to pay more attention to your email by treating it like your physical work space. As opposed to allowing junk mail to pile up, delete everything you know is not related to your responsibilities and peers. If you struggle to read and answer emails, develop a strategy for being more organized with your inbox.