4 Ways To Prove Leadership Skills On Your Resume

If you’re a young professional, you may be at a place in your career where you’ve started to think about your future. For many, this may mean taking on a leadership role. However, it can be difficult to navigate this important career step without any formal leadership experience. The good news? It isn’t impossible! Even if you don’t have a leadership title on your resume, you can still prove you have the potential to be successful in this type of role by highlighting leadership skills on your resume.

Here are 4 ways to show that you have the leadership skills necessary for success, regardless of whether or not you have had a leadership title in the past:

Address What The Company Is Looking For

When applying for a new role, you want to edit your resume with an “ask and you shall receive” mentality. In other words, you want the skills you put on your resume to match up with the skills the company listed in the job posting. This is particularly important to do with your soft skills. For example, if the company is looking for someone with excellent communication skills, place emphasis on work experiences that show you’re an effective communicator. A great way of doing this is by giving examples of experiences where you’ve needed to negotiate or collaborate with others in order to reach your goals.

Highlight Past Projects And Results

A great way to demonstrate your leadership skills on your resume is by highlighting your past achievements. Go further than just listing past job responsibilities by describing the skills you’ve acquired and the accomplishments you’ve made in your career. When possible, use numbers. If you helped your company increase revenue or website traffic, for example, try to offer a dollar amount or percentage on how much of a difference you made.

Emphasize Teamwork Skills

You don’t necessarily need formal management experience to show that you can lead. Instead, try to focus on past experiences where you have overseen a project, worked well within a group, or helped improve some type of process. If you have undertaken any of these tasks, chances are you already have some skills that are indicative of a strong leader. The ability to delegate, problem solve, stay organized, and manage your time are just a few examples of skills that can prove you are ready for this career step.

Think Beyond Professional Roles

Even if you’ve never had a professional job title before, you still could have leadership experience that a potential employer would be interested in. If you volunteer with a charitable or professional organization, for example, highlighting it in your job application can be a great way to prove your leadership abilities to a hiring manager. Maybe you’re a committee chair within an outside organization or you’ve been put in charge of a charitable initiative in the past. These types of experiences can help prove your leadership skills, while helping a hiring manager get a better sense of who you are as an individual.