4 Ways To Speed Up The Hiring Process To Win Over Top Talent

In today’s job market, many employers cite the skills shortage as a top hiring challenge. However, this isn’t the only reason why it is becoming increasingly difficult to secure talent.

Our 2019 Hiring Outlook survey found that 55% of working professionals interviewed with multiple organizations while interviewing for their current position. Compounded by the fact that the unemployment rate has fallen to a five-decade low, it is becoming increasingly clear that the competition for talent is heating up. This is ultimately giving job seekers the opportunity to be more selective when making career decisions.

Presenting an attractive role and showcasing your company culture throughout the hiring process can keep the right candidate interested. However, this isn’t always enough to get them in the door. Taking too long to make an offer may lead your top candidate to lose interest or accept a position elsewhere, which, can throw the entire hiring process off track if you haven’t found other well-suited candidates for the position.

To avoid this situation, these 4 tips can help make your hiring process more efficient:

Coordinate multiple interviews on one day

Having a candidate interview with multiple parties in one day is a great way to shorten your hiring process. Not only can this help the candidate avoid scheduling conflicts, but it can help you reduce the number of interview rounds.

Utilize technology throughout the hiring process

Coordinating an in-person interview when all key players are in the office can certainly be a challenge.  To get around scheduling conflicts, utilize video conferencing technology such as Skype or FaceTime. Having these video interviews when the candidate is on-site can help all hiring decision makers get on the same page sooner, while keeping the interview process consistent for the candidate.

Be decisive

Once you find the perfect candidate, stop meeting with other prospective hires. While it may be tempting to explore your talent pipeline or seem taboo to cancel previously scheduled interviews, it is in all parties’ best interest to end the interview process. By moving quickly, you are much more likely to secure your top candidate. You also give the other candidates the opportunity to focus on interviewing at organizations that would be a better fit for them.

Be prepared to make an offer on the spot

If your team found the right candidate, extend an offer on the same day as the interview. Taking several days to decide on a candidate slows down the entire hiring process and gives the prospective hire more opportunities to meet with other employers. Additionally, not keeping the candidate informed where they stand in the process may lead them to choose an organization that showcases more interest in them.

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