4 Easy Ways to Build a Strong Relationship with an Administrative Recruiter

If you are an administrative professional, you know that trust is an important dynamic in your relationship with the executives you support and represent.  This same concept can also be applied to your relationship with your recruiter.  On one hand, you have to trust that your recruiter is submitting you for opportunities that would be the right fit for you; while on the other, the recruiter has to trust that you are representing their decision to submit you for the position in a positive light to the client.

“My best relationships with candidates have been built on foundations of trust and mutual respect,” says Jessica Barnett, an Executive Recruiter within The Execu|Search Group’s Office Support & Human Resources divisions.  “The more willing someone is to work well with us, the harder we will work for them.”

To start your relationship with your recruiting professional off on the right foot, here are Jessica’s tips for success:

Treat your meeting with your recruiter like an interview with an employer

In an industry where first impressions are everything, it’s important that you make an effort to approach your meeting with a recruiter just as if it were an interview for your dream job.  “How you present yourself in a meeting with your recruiter can be indicative of how you would act in an interview with a future employer,” explains Jessica.  “As a result, it’s important to arrive to your meeting on time, professionally dressed, and ready to talk about your background.”

Be honest

It’s important to be honest with your recruiter about what you are looking for in terms of salary, industry, corporate environment, etc.  “The more specific you can be, the better,” says Jessica.  “For example, don’t say you are open to anything, if you really aren’t.  The more upfront you are about what you’re looking for, the easier it will be to find a role that works best for you.”

Jessica also advises her candidates to be honest about working with another recruitment firm.  “If you are working with another recruitment firm, we won’t be offended!  We just need to know in order to ensure that you aren’t submitted to the same company twice, and so that we can potentially accelerate where you are in the staffing process with an employer on our end.”

Call back in a timely manner

Administrative and other support roles move quickly, so if your recruiter contacts you about an opportunity, it’s important to call them back as soon as possible.  “Because these positions are in such high-demand and employers make hiring decisions quickly, a delay of just a couple of hours could mean a missed opportunity,” notes Jessica.  “In a job market where many professionals have similar skills and backgrounds, it’s important to do all that you can to stand out against the competition.  Part of this involves being responsive to your recruiter and taking advantage of an opportunity that you are interested in as soon as it comes your way.”

Be open to feedback and suggestions

When your recruiter gives you feedback on your interview skills or format of your resume, try to be open to their suggestions.  The goal isn’t to turn you into a different person, but help you put your best professional foot forward. “Since we work very closely with our clients to understand what they are looking for in a new hire, chances are, if we are submitting you for a role, we think you would be an excellent fit for both the position and the corporate culture,” explains Jessica.  “However, in order to maximize our candidates’ chances of landing a role, they sometimes need a little resume and interview coaching in order to show the employer the potential that we see.”