3 Effective Job Search Tips For 2019

It’s 2019 and you’re thinking about getting out of your current job and into the job market. Where do you start? The key to a successful job search is to keep in mind that it will take some time from start to finish. It’s important to identify why you’re thinking of leaving your current job, and what you’ve learned over the course of your time in the role.

To learn how you can have an effective job search in 2019, read our 3 tips below:

Review your accomplishments and update your resume

Looking back on the time spent at your current position, what do you feel you’ve accomplished when it comes to your skills and expertise? Have you learned how to use a new platform or signed on a key client? Big or small, it’s important to identify any accomplishment that may have furthered your experience. Take a look at your job description again, simply to identify how you’ve been doing in each area of the role. In addition to your current day-to-day responsibilities, any new accomplishments should be added to your resume. Keeping your resume updated will save you time later on in your job search, especially when you’ve been at your current job for an extended period.

Research companies of interest

Now that you’ve reviewed your accomplishments and updated your resume, it’s time to start looking for companies that may be of interest for your next move. Are you looking to switch industries or relocate? Be sure to visit the websites of the companies that you have in mind, and specifically look at their mission and values page. Whether you’re using a 3rd party site to find job openings or applying directly on the company’s website, it will be helpful to dig deeper into the details of the company. Does the company have a presence on social media? Have you checked their reviews on Glassdoor? Ultimately, doing thorough research will help you ensure that the company and position are a good fit for your career goals.

Network, network, network

Networking may come to a halt once you are comfortable at your job, however it’s definitely not something to put on the back-burner. It might feel unnatural to network while you’re employed, but it’s important to stay in touch with your connections regardless of whether you “need” them at this time. Try to find networking groups that interest you or browse through your LinkedIn to find people you may want to reconnect with. Keeping up with networking is not only beneficial during a job search; you also never know when a connection can help you out.

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