3 Cybersecurity Certifications On The Rise

If the recent Equifax data breach is any indication, cybersecurity is a growing concern for many companies. The hack, which compromised sensitive data belonging to 143 million users, has led many to question the company’s handling of the breach and whether they did enough to prevent it.

“These cyber-attacks are quickly growing in number and severity, so most organizations are investing in stronger security measures to protect valuable company and customer information,” says Lisa Samson, a Senior Technical Recruiter within The Execu|Search Group’s Information Technology division. “These ever-evolving threats can impact every type of business, so we are seeing an increasing need for cybersecurity professionals across all industries. Unfortunately, the supply cannot meet demand—leaving many organizations vulnerable.”

This talent shortage, however, presents new opportunities for professionals to break into cybersecurity or diversify their IT skills. For example, it’s been reported that the global cybersecurity workforce will have more than 1.5 million unfilled positions by 2020. This ultimately means that employers will need to expand their horizons when it comes to identifying talent. For example, IBM is one company that has partnered with local community colleges to develop curriculums and courses that are aligned with their hiring needs—particularly in cybersecurity. This also means that employers need to prioritize potential over experience when hiring, opening these positions to professionals who possess the character traits needed for success in this field: critical thinking, attention-to-detail, and proactivity.

Whether you currently work in security or hope to make the transition, acquiring one of these in-demand cybersecurity certifications can help increase your professional marketability:

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA): This certification, which is primary designed for IT auditors, is a testament to your ability to ensure a company’s information systems are monitored and protected. Globally recognized as the industry standard, this certification gives you a competitive advantage over your peers when seeking new opportunities for growth.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP): Of the cybersecurity certifications one can attain, the CISSP is perhaps the most prestigious. Successfully meeting the strict requirements of this certification proves your ability to design, engineer, implement, and run an information security program.

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM): If you are looking to build a successful career in information security management, having this designation can be a major asset. You’ll be recognized as an individual who can manage, design, and oversee an enterprise’s information security—something that can open a lot of doors in light of today’s landscape.