Monthly Archives: June 2011

Volunteering: Good for You. Good For Your Job Search.

It is Charity Day again at TESG! This month we are supporting Raíces de Esperanza. These individuals seek to inspire young people to think outside the box, and proactively support their young counterparts in Cuba through academic and cultural initiatives…


The Truth About Sales Jobs

Congratulations, recent college graduates! Now that your caps and gowns have been put away, what’s next? That’s right, the dreaded job hunt begins.


Recruiter Recap: Building Your Personal Brand

On Wednesday evening, June 1, 2011, Amanda Bleakney, Director of Health Services and Allison Fagan, Director of Health Services hosted the second segment of their 3-part “Building your Brand” series at New York Association for Ambulatory Care (NYAAC). The keynote speaker…